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Online Program

Launch or expand your online strategy and offerings.

Online Program

Launch or expand your online strategy and offerings.

Maximize Your Reach and Impact—and Your Students’ Outcomes

Grow your university, enroll a diverse population of highly qualified students, and deliver an exciting educational experience that meets learners where they are today. With Kaplan’s end-to-end online program development approach, you can flexibly and affordably build your long-term online strategy.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Enhance the student experience and career outcomes.
  • Reach more students and target new demographics through accessible online delivery.
  • Diversify and increase your revenue.
  • Improve performance through analytics and data-driven decision making.
  • Ensure seamless operations and business/education continuity.

How We Support You:

We offer a full suite of customizable solutions and services to help you manage operations, increase revenue, and support your students’ success. Depending on your particular needs, service offerings include:

  • Program and portfolio strategy
  • 课程和教学支持和发展
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Student recruitment and admissions
  • Marketing and communications strategy and execution
  • Student support and advising
  • Operations support
  • Learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) selection and support
  • Full technology stack
  • 法律与合规
  • Faculty recruitment and HR support
  • Training

Why Kaplan?



We’ve helped top-ranked universities across the globe catapult into the top tier of online learning. Several of our partnerships have blossomed into deep, long-term relationships with a wide array of enhanced offerings, such as career services, industry credentialing, exam and licensure prep, and more.


Empower your university and your students to grow and excel in an ever-changing world.

In North America?

接触Linda Gernes on our Kaplan University Partners team at

Outside of North America?

接触our U.K.-based Kaplan International University Partnership team.

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